Rose from Gainesville


"That insurance company tried to low ball us from the beginning but Jonathan made them pay for it in the end. Their offer didn't double after we hired Jonathan, it didn't triple, it went up about five times. It's not that we wanted a big pay day, we wanted fair compensation for all of my husband's injuries. His rotator cuff was torn in that crash, and that's not small potatoes "

Fred from Duluth


"I wouldn't have gotten anything close to that amount without Jonathan's help, his knowledge, and his willingness to fight for my justice. I never wanted a handout, but I didn't want to be shorted." Jonathan got me what I deserved, and I've already recommended him to family and friends, who have been just as pleased. "

Carlton from Atlanta


"I've hired about five attorneys over my life and Mr. Schopp was easier to communicate with than any of them. He explained everything, offered to meet with us in person anytime, and was always on email and sending us letters and things to add to the case folder he designed for us. I'd never been that organized about any other case."

Recent Success Stories

From $300 offer to a Policy Limits Settlement of $100,000


Our client was rear-ended at a low speed. The insurance company claimed her extensive injuries were only from pre-existing conditions, then she contacted Attorney Schopp

From $0 offer to Policy Limits


The clear negligence of a young driver was not enough to convince an insurance company to pay anything to a victim that suffered a torn Rotator Cuff. 

Attorney Schopp took the case, quickly filed suit, and began to build the case through discovery. Mediation began with a $0 offer, and ended with the entire available policy limits placed on the table

Frustration to Full Recovery


Serious injuries in a head-on collision required multiple surgeries. The traffic ticket the other driver received had been  thrown out by an overwhelmed metro-Atlanta county. Her claim had been denied and her body was not recovering fast enough for the daily speed of life. Attorney Schopp worked quickly to help her to turn around her recovery, and then built her case into a $ 100,000 settlement at a pre-suit mediation